Frolics of Hope Africa

We are more than just a non profit organisation.
We are survivors offering hope to those in need.
Join our community and help us keep children and young women
safe and give them access to education and development opportunities

Women Empowerment

Mentor young women professionally and personally

Rescue & Shelter

Provide a safe place for victims of abuse and violence


Ensure all children can access education and development opportunities

Frolics of Hope Africa has rescued over 300 children and Counting...

Frolics of Hope Africa believes every one of us has the potential to impact a person, a cause, a community. As an organization, our goal is to provide a safe environment for children and young women who have experienced trauma. To accomplish this, we strive to provide them with cultural, educational, economic, and social support that creates lasting impact. Become part of our community and make a difference!

Nkatha Mugao – Founder Frolics of Hope Africa  

Achievements & Awards

Our work on ending child kidnapping and trafficking has had an immense impact on communities in Kenya and Africa. We were nominated for the CAHR (Community and Human Rights) Awards 2021.

We are immensely proud to say our team won the Apostle Hyford Alile Humanitarian of 2021 award following a competitive process. 

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Frolics of Hope Africa was named Mashujaa Humanitarian of the Year 2019 in Kenya, as well as a finalist in the Robert Burns 2020 Humanitarian Awards globally for its work in rescuing and protecting children.

We have also been recognized by Egerton University for our work on Economic and Financial Literacy for Girls and Women in Kenya.


Support causes with concrete actions

We appreciate your commitment to supporting our efforts to improve the lives of these kids.

Recurring donations 45%
One-time donations 86%

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Our Mission

Frolics of Hope Africa is dedicated to ending child exploitation, ensuring all children have access to education and development opportunities, and resolving conflicts without discrimination, regardless of race, religion, culture, political opinion, or gender.

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