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Welcome to Frolics Of Hope Africa

Frolics of Hope Africa is a non-profit organization founded after six siblings were rescued in November 2018 in Nakuru, Kenya after they were found malnourished and neglected. 

The core focus of our work is trauma healing, education, technical and vocational training for children and young women impacted by violence and from impoverished backgrounds. We are proud of our work aligning with six of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals

Gender equality is a priority across the organization’s education programs, whereby it ensures the provision of safe learning environments with appropriate and adequate facilities, materials and gender-sensitized academic support for boys and girls  without  discrimination.With every intervention, Frolics of Hope Africa identifies the following key areas where assistance is needed: 

Through the Adopt a Child initiative, needy children are receive education sponsorships. The ability to keep children in school has been made possible by our donor community and school principals who partner with us.

Trauma & Healing – Social workers and counsellors are available at our center, including for traumatized children and young women who have been rescued following violence and young girls who became mothers after sexual exploitation. The focus is on enabling traumatized individuals to heal and integrate back into society.

Rescue – We provide immediate assistance to children in need whenever possible. Through our connection with the directorate of criminal investigations, we are able to provide shelter to those who need it as we identify how to help them and fight for their rights.

Lastly, monitoring, evaluation, and learning help Frolics of Hope Africa identify what works and what doesn’t. The ability to adapt to change, mobilize more resources, and maximize funds ensures the organization’s sustainability. Our team of dedicated board members bring a wealth of knowledge to the organization’s structure.

We recognize the challenges facing children today and are committed to ensuring they are not exploited, and that their rights are respected without racial, ethnic, religious, or political discrimination. 

We are humbled and thankful to the donor community that continues to support our cause.

Our Mission Statement

Frolics of Hope Africa is dedicated to ending child exploitation, ensuring all children have access to education and development opportunities, and resolving conflicts without discrimination, regardless of race, religion, culture, political opinion, or gender.

Our Vision

A Community where every child’s right to protection, survival and development is guaranteed.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY – We shall at all times uphold honesty and truthfulness

ACCOUNTABILITY – We shall be accountable and take responsibilities for all omissions and commissions when executing our mandate. 

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – Understanding and respecting differences and relating these to our common humanity.

COLLABORATION – Facilitate the involvement of all stakeholders and partners in our affairs without racial, gender, cultural sex, or religious discrimination.

COMMITMENT – We at all times commit to act on behalf of children in a humane and professional manner, guided by principles of justice and solidarity.

CREATIVITY – Effective creativity is about ideas that work not just new ideas, but ideas that work. We believe in the power of creativity and cultivating it in the children and communities around us

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Meet The Team

Alfred Mathu

Resource Director

alfred mathu - Frolics Board Chairperson

Alfred Mathu is a leading Financial advisor, a household name in the Kenyan insurance industry.

Emanating from long service and experience,
Mathu has become an icon in corporate 
business leadership. Marshalling to key leadership roles, management and lately advisory.

He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hisa Africa Insurance Agency Limited, reputed insurance agency that advises on life assurance, investment products, and medical insurance with two customers centric financial giants, The Old Mutual Group and Absa Assurance ltd.

Winnie Mumalla Muchela

Board Member

Winnie Mumalla Muchela

Winnie Mumalla Muchela is a born again christian and an Advocate of the high court of Kenya for over ten years.Currently,she is a Partner in Ashitiva & Co Advocates and the head of Nakuru branch.Prior to working with Ashitiva Advocates,she has worked with various financial institutions as legal officer.

She is married to Aston Muchela,also an Advocate.Together they are blessed with two sons and a daughter.

Henry Njerenga

Board Chairman

henry njererenga -chairman frolics

Henry Njerenga is an accomplished General Manager with extensive experience in the insurance industry. He earned his Executive Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from The Management University of Africa (MUA) and holds a Diploma in Marketing Management from the Kenya Institute of Management. Henry has also participated in various corporate governance programs and is a respected member of the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) with the title of MKIM.

Henry’s expertise and leadership have been recognized by his peers, In addition to his professional achievements, Henry is a respected member of the KIM community, where he has served on the Audit Risk & Governance committee. He has also served on the National council and various other committees of the board for over six years.

With a career spanning over three decades, Henry has held several positions in the insurance industry, making him a valuable asset to any organization. As the General Manager of Nairobi Metropolis at the CIC Group PLC, Henry is responsible for driving growth and profitability while ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Dr. Pranav Mahendra Pancholi



Dr. Pancholi holds a unique distinction as the first individual in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve Diplomate status from the American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS). This accomplishment showcases his dedication to pushing boundaries and staying at the forefront of his field.

Globally Respected Dermatologist: His educational journey spanned prestigious institutions like Harvard Medical School, the University of Nairobi, and universities in Liverpool and Cardiff. He also served as an International Research Fellow in Dermatology at Harvard, further emphasizing his commitment to academic excellence and research.

Pioneer in Laser Surgery: Dr. Pancholi is not only a highly skilled practitioner but also an innovator. He actively develops new techniques in laser treatments, electro-surgery, cryosurgery, and chemosurgery, constantly working to advance the field.

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Our Mission

Frolics of Hope Africa is dedicated to ending child exploitation, ensuring all children have access to education and development opportunities, and resolving conflicts without discrimination, regardless of race, religion, culture, political opinion, or gender.

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