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Our Success Stories of Hope

We have curated these stories of hope to highlight some of the work we have accomplished in our community. Our team regularly checks up on all our rescues who have left our care for updates on their progress, and to offer support when needed.

The lives we have impacted give us the motivation to carry on with our work. We could not have done it without the support of our donors and partners who are an integral part of our organisation.

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stories of hope_frolics of hope africa_peter

The story of Peter.

Peter was neglected by his mother, who ran off to get married.

This young man has a great deal of resilience. He was sleeping under the small vegetable shacks at a local market when we found him. 

We managed to locate his extended family. Sadly, they did not want to take care of him, so his ailing great-grandma was left to care for him.

Before we met Peter, he had never been to school. We took him in and showered him with love, hugs and company. During his stay with at the shelter, he came out of his shell and was very playful.

We found a permanent placement for him with the help of the local children’s officer.

Peter was ecstatic to join a school and can now write and catch up on reading!

He keeps in touch with us via phone calls and asks to speak to “Mama” (referring to Nkatha, the organization’s Founder) and his adopted siblings at the shelter.

The Story of Baby Alex

Frolics of Hope Africa was formed in response to this rescue operation.

In this case, we heard about this family through Nyumba Kumi (village elders) who asked us to help them save their children since their parents were drug addicts and alcoholics.

When we first met the family, we discovered that the 6 children were severely malnourished. After taking up the matter, the children were rescued, and they were taken to a hospital. Alex was the most affected, and he was admitted to the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

A police report was filed and the other siblings were given some supplements. As a result of the arrest and charges brought against the parents, the Children Department placed the children in a safe house.

Upon release from incarceration, the family was reunited after due process was conducted to verify that neglect would not happen again.

We are pleased to report that baby Alex’s father has since cleaned up from drug and alcohol abuse and is a pastor in their local community. 

stories of hope_frolics of hope africa
stories of hope_frolics of hope africa_emmanuel
Rescue team feeding the baby Emmanuel

Baby Emmanuel’s Story

Baby Emmanuel was delivered at home since the family lives in a remote village in Nakuru County and could not afford to take the mother to the hospital for delivery.

The mother experienced postpartum psychosis after giving birth to her baby. Over the course of two months, the family struggled to manage this condition. Her condition was deteriorating with every passing day.

In October 2018, the village elders heard of our rescue services and the impact we had on the community and reached out to us.

On the day planned for the rescue, the mother set fire to the house in which the child was trapped. Emmanuel’s life was saved through the swift response of our team and the help of community members. We took both the mother and child to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital where she was admitted and treated.

Three months after nursing the baby at our rescue centre, the mother and son were reunited.

Despite the loss of their old house, Frolics of Hope Africa helped to rebuild their new home. 

 Kimutai’s Story

Babies with disabilities like Kimutai face physical limitations that prevent them from walking, playing, or even going to school. He was stigmatized and bullied for his rare condition, and the community did not know how to help. 

We were alerted to the situation in December 2018 by our community response volunteers, and we took the boy to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital for medical treatment and monitoring.

Unfortunately, baby Kimutai’s condition is incurable and his family has had to manage his condition. 

We are happy to report that baby Kimutai was enrolled in school and is now joining Grade Two.

stories of hope_frolics of hope africa_kimutai
Photo of Kimutai with his mother one of our volunteers.
stories of hope_frolics of hope africa_kemboi
Kemboi with mom after discharge from hospital
Kemboi before treatment

During our annual medical camp program, doctors examined Baby Kemboi in March 2019. 

A thorough check-up revealed that Alex was suffering from osteomyelitis (a bone infection disease that eats into the bone and prevents the body from producing enough calcium). We took up the case and the child was taken to Nakuru Level 5 Hospital where he was admitted and treated. 

Having no access to bone cement locally, the hospital had to import it from a neighbouring country. 

Baby Kemboi is recovering well after being discharged.

Since we founded our organization, the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital has been one of our most important strategic health care partners. We are grateful for their support in our health care programs.

Baby Tamara’s Story 

Unfortunately, Tamara’s mother passed away a few months after she was born.

According to Tamara’s mother’s family, Tamara’s father had not completed all the traditions for him to be considered part of the family. Tamara was taken from her dad and this prompted the young man to reach out for help on social media. Social media users contacted Frolics of Hope Africa and requested us for help reunite the baby and her father. 

We joined with other organizations in the effort for Tamara’s father to gain custody. The court granted custody to Tamara’s father  and they have since been reunited.

stories of hope_frolics of hope africa_ Tamara
Baby Tamara with her dad as they celebrated her first birthday
stories of hope_frolics of hope africa_Alex
Alex with our Director when he received his scholarship in 2020 February

Alex Kiptoo 

Alex is an excellent student in school.

He was raised in a very humble home after his father died. After completing primary school, Alex received an admission letter to St. Patrick’s Boys. Sadly, his family did not have the money to pay for his admission to high school. They tried to approach bursary agencies to support his education without success.

They were introduced to our Adopt a Child Program, an initiative we started to offer financial support to educate smart and needy children.

Alex has since been paired with a sponsor and mentor following our involvement with the case.

He continues to receive mentoring as he aspires to achieve his dreams. 

Our Mission

Frolics of Hope Africa is dedicated to ending child exploitation, ensuring all children have access to education and development opportunities, and resolving conflicts without discrimination, regardless of race, religion, culture, political opinion, or gender.

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